I’m Laura.  Friends call me “Laur”.  Or Laura.  (damn my parents not giving me a nickname-able name!)  I’m a triathlete.  Softball player.  Computer worker bee-nerd (and honestly, don’t want to be the boss).  Smart ass.  Lover of ice cream.  Frustrated Wii Dance Dance Revolution player.  And closet junkie of Dancing with the Stars (don”t tell!).

I’m hoping to impart a little humor, perhaps even a little insight from time to time.  This will be less a “man, I’m tired this morning, going running and grocery shopping later” and more of a venue for me to spew my thoughts and commentary on my life and everything around me.  Sure, a lot of my posts will deal with the swim, bike, run stuff that dominates my life, but there will be more than enough room for the funny family story (my Wii is being held hostage!) and thoughts on the wide world around me as well.

And now – perhaps I should get to work on some real content

Time to run!

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