Nutritional Wobbleboard

You know about how some people talk about being on the “nutritional bandwagon”?  Meaning, they’re watching their food, counting calories and actively trying to eat healthy?  Well, I’ve decided that if it really were a “bandwagon”, I’d have no troubles — bandwagons have four wheels, are stable, even have some shelter to make them hospitable.  I like to think of myself as on the “nutritional wobbleboard” — it’s precarious, takes a lot of effort and when it’s working, really engages the core

And I fall off.  All the time.  Sometimes I can readjust and get back on without too much damage.  Other times I fall off, apparently knock myself senseless and make some really bad decisions.  You know, like the gallon of ice cream (“better eat it to get it out of the house!”) or the million-calorie Culver’s shake (are you sensing a theme here?). 

But, in the end, you have to climb back on, recenter yourself and continue with the balancing act.  And the important part — you have to forgive yourself.  Know that there will be bumps and bruises along the way, but no permanent damage.  March forward, make a good decision NOW and let the bad decisions of the past fall away.

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