Buying Happiness

Is there anything better than shopping for new running shoes?  Methinks not!

A friend of mine has decided to take the leap into the world of running — a 5k race is now on her radar.   When we talked, I told her that the most important part of all this would be to get a pair of quality running shoes and I selflessly offered to go with her to guide her through the intimidating arena of the Local Running Store.  What a good friend I am!

Of course, perhaps, just maybe, possibly I had an ulterior motive:

Zoot Dynasty

While ugly as sin, the Zoot Dynasty felt like slippers on my feet, and are destined to take oodles of time off my transitions, with the bungee laces and the pull-on back tab.  And LIGHT!  This will be my first foray into a lightweight trainer, and I’m positive it’ll be nothing less than like running on clouds.

And just so the Zoot’s wouldn’t get lonely, I bought a new pair of my old standby Asics Kayanos.  I’ve been running in these for years now, and while some models are better than others, I’m thinkin’ that the Kayano 14 is the best since perhaps the 11. 

As we parted ways, my friend thanked me for taking the time to join her.  Anything for a friend… anything. 

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  1. I just saw those shoes in the new Terry bike catalog and wondered what they would be like. They would have to feel great to be that ugly!! 🙂

    I’ll just be glad to wear 2 shoes again sometime soon!!

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