My Better

For whatever it’s worth, I think that Nike — of all the sports-related companies — does an awesome job of advertising.  Right now they’ve got their “My better is better than your better” campaign, which is nothing less than pure genius.  I see it on TV and it literally makes me want to get out there, pound the pavement, do some tough intervals and become “quickie von quick quick” (how great is that line?!). 

I know, I know…it’s all designed to sell.  Shirts.  Shoes.  Gadgets.  Shorts and the rest.  But you know what else they sell?  Inspiration.  A kick in the ass.  A little attitude.  A reminder of one of the reasons that we’re out there, sweating and working hard.  

And they’re not afraid to throw a couple of laughs out there too — nothing like a little humor to get your point across: 

Nike running commercial

In the end, I know it’s a business, designed to do nothing more than separate me from my money.  But I don’t care — I’ll sit back and enjoy the commercials anyway.

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