Things I Can’t Wait To Do…

… with my new triathlon-training-not-taking-up-my-entire-life existence… **


Take more pictures.  I used to be big into photography… and then when I broke my arm 5.5 years ago, I spent a year not even being able to hold a camera and so fell out of the habit.  I was never all that good, but I was getting better and am looking forward to trying my hand at it again.  I’ve got the gear, now I just have to get out there and start shooting.

Get my house in order.  As much as I hate the cleaning and the organizing, amazingly, I’ve come around to admitting that I like the end result. I’ve been inspired by a number of people I know that have moved recently: I’m determined to go through every box that’s still unpacked from when I moved 2.5 years ago.  Surely if I haven’t needed it yet, I won’t need it in the future.  Surely.

Get my house in order, part II.  I have a list of home repairs/improvements about a mile long.  And I’ve had this list since I moved into the house in May 2006.  I’ve knocked a few off the list — lighting over the kitchen island is next — but the list is still woefully long.  All these things will make me much happier in my house — it’ll make it more mine, if that makes sense.  And plus, then I get to brag about my bodacious (that’s a word you haven’t heard in awhile, isn’t it??) home improvement skills.

Go hiking!  Currently, this is one of the places where I’m thinking of going…

Purcell Mountain Lodge - A Luxury Mountain Lodge in the Canadian Rockies

Pretty amazing, eh?

Learn to ski.  Anyone up for this?  It’s something I’ve ALWAYS wanted to do, but this is one of those things that I’d rather not tackle on my own for the first time.  Anyone?  Anyone? Bueller?  Bueller??  Oh, and you have to be the type of person who wouldn’t freak out if, say, someone, you know, hypothetically, broke a limb.

Explore places locally.  I used to love to do this… just pick a spot within a few hours drive, and just go there and hike and explore and take pictures.  And eat.  Can’t forget to eat.  Ice cream, if at all possible.

Take a class.  And no, I have no idea what the answer is to the obvious question … “what class?”.  Maybe cooking.  Perhaps photography.  Fencing?  Just something new.

Of course, first I have to make my way through the January marathon, which will require focus, a bit of work and a little less of the fun stuff that I have planned.  One last racing HURRAH! before I settle back into nothing but fun and sun.  Or something like that.

** this list not necessarily inclusive! And I reserve the right to change my mind at any time.  For no good reason at all.  Just because I can.  So there.  Deal with it.

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