Now that I’m in the house by myself again, it just seems way too quiet around here… I was thinking a kid might be a possible solution?



This is Fehona.  And she’s currently looking for a home.

Ever since I had to put my dog Joe down — now, already a year and a half ago — there’s been an empty spot in my house and heart.  As every dog owner knows, a dog is equal parts love and frustration and fun and hard work and middle of the night potty breaks, but even though it isn’t all dog bones and slobbery kisses, there’s just nothing like it.

For those that know me, I’ve been having this argument with myself for months (see – another reason to get a dog – at least I wouldn’t have to hold conversations with myself) … it goes something like this:

Me:  I want a dog
Myself: You’re not home enough.
Me:  I know.  But I still want one.
Myself:  Would that even be fair to the poor dog?
Me:  But I want one.
Myself: At the pound at least there would be people around. You work a lot.
Me:  But I really want one.
I:  Ice cream would be good right now… (ice cream is always on one of my minds…)
Myself: But still, are you ready to always have to come home after work?
Me: But… I really REALLY want one.

And so it goes.

It’s not logical, not rational, not practical for me to have a dog.  From the time I leave to the time I get home from work, 11-12 hours have passed. But the desire to have another dog in the house has never been about things making sense.  I know it’d be hard — it’s such a damn inconvenience to always have to take a dog into account when making plans and I’d have to hire a dog-walker — but the idea of having someone waiting for me when I get home just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.  And then – my one argument that actually MIGHT make sense — I would be rescuing a dog from the pound.  It’s not as though I’m buying a puppy from a breeder that might otherwise get a home where there’s someone around all the time.  I want the hard-to-place dog that’s been stuck at the humane society, just waiting for someone like me to show up and take them home.  I mean, even if it’s just me at home — and gone a good chunk of the day — wouldn’t that be a better life?

I just finished re-reading Marley & Me (the movie trailers reminded me how much I love this book).  It’s a hilarious look at a misbehaving, but loving, loyal dog.  It’s the classic case of the dog that’s almost more trouble than he’s worth… almost.  I laughed out loud at a lot of it — especially remembering some Joe’s antics — and knew that I just had to have that in my life again.  And then I cried.  Especially at the end.  And knew that I wasn’t sure if I was ready to become that attached to a dog again.

But this passage from Marley & Me really stuck with me:  “A dog judges others not by their color or creed or class but by who they are inside.  A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull.  Give him your heart and he will give you his.  It was really quite simple, and yet we humans, so much wiser and more sophisticated, have always had trouble figuring out what really counts and what does not.” 

So far I’ve managed to stop myself from going to see the dogs — I know that the decision to go there is the same as making the decision to get a dog.  I wouldn’t be able to leave there without one in tow.  My rational brain knows that even if I WERE to do this, now is not the time — not with the holidays coming up — but my heart just might win this battle.  We shall see.


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  1. So does the dog have a new home yet???? I know you will get it and love it! Just do it! Mom and dad need some one to love more too!!!! hee hee plus ya know you do have that one day off!

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