It’s (officially) winter here!

It wasn’t official a few days ago (though you might not have known it), but now it’s come around, full force.

First, a little snow.  Then a LOT of snow.  Blizzard!  Then ice.  And sleet.  And freezing rain.  And MORE snow.

After that, came the arctic freeze.  The wind chill advisories.  The “DON’T GO OUTSIDE UNLESS IT’S AN EMERGENCY!” blaring in all capital letters across the TV screen.

And what does this mean to me?

This means that the regrets, the doubts, the recriminations about not doing the marathon – POOF! – gone in an instant.  Every weekend that passes without me having to do a long run just reinforces the feeling.

I looked outside at the 30mph winds and the -27* wind chill and was nothing but oh-so-happy that I was snuggled up inside by the fire rather than either freezing my butt off on the roads or wanting to shoot myself in the head from the boredom of a long run on the treadmill.

See?  For all those that ever wondered, everything DOES happen for a reason.

Happy holidays to everyone!  And – go have a cookie.  Santa said it’s all right.

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