Progress Report

Hidey-ho, neighbors!  Well, it’s been over 2 months since I officially started tracking food, weight, measurements, body fat and a slew of other statistics and I figured it’s high time I did an online accountability check.  Nothing better than coming clean online to propel you forward, right?

I’ve been really trying to approach this in a logical, organized manner.  Looking at it as just a project that had a certain number of steps to be accomplished to reach my goal.  Sure, the end goal itself is a little overwhelming and still slightly surreal – I can picture it, I can imagine it, but it doesn’t feel like a reality – but I deeply believe that I can get there.

And so far?  I was doing pretty well for awhile there – definitely in a groove.  At the two-month mark I had lost 8 pounds, a few inches and about 1.5% of body fat.  Not too shabby, eh?  My progress pictures definitely showed progress, even.  Clothes were fitting better, I was feeling strong and healthy and on my way.

And then … and then… life.  Funny how that gets in the way sometimes.

What derailed me?  The dreaded business trip.  The over-the-top stressful business trip from hell, to be more specific.  Staying in a hotel with a free buffet breakfast, even, and we all know how often stress = eating.  And you tell me who in the world can resist those hot cinnamon rolls?  Add those up and that’ll give you an answer of “uh oh…”.

In the course of one week, I gained almost 7 pounds.  Why is it that weight is so stubborn to come off, but gets put on so easily?  It’s like having bad tenants that you can’t kick out.  Some of it was hormones – so I knew it would leave on it’s own in about a week or so – and the rest was cinnamon rolls.  It’s funny, because even as I was doing it, I KNEW it wasn’t the right choice.  KNEW I should be – god forbid – even just stopping at ONE cinnamon roll.  But did I?  No.  I really wonder sometimes – how is it so easy to do the right thing most of the time, but other times, even when the right decision is staring you in the face, that you ignore it and sabotage yourself anyway?

I still haven’t really answered that question.  I’m back at home now.  And (mostly) back to where I started before the trip even happened.  But that worries me – I know that bad-decision-making demon still lurks beneath the surface.  I really thought I had banished it – but – apparently – not so much.  I hate taking the easy way out – the blaming the trip, blaming the hormones, blaming the stress, blaming Holiday Inn Express (oh, let’s not forget the freshly-baked cookies they put out in the afternoon, too).  I hate shifting the responsibility.  After all, it’s only me that puts the crap in my mouth.  No one is there forcing me to.

So, how to better deal with this next time?

I’m not exactly sure yet.  Go in with a better plan – that’ll help.  I had thought things through this time around, but hadn’t considered everything.  Next time, maybe I won’t even have the free breakfast.  Just go in, pick up some oatmeal, banana and yogurt and leave.  Plug my nose and shield my eyes so I don’t even see the cinnamon rolls.

I think some of it was the fact that I was away from not only my usual routine, but also the stuff that I use to track my progress.  Tracking progress gives me the gold stars I crave… and also gives me the kick in the pants that’s needed when I start to stray.  I think that if I had seen the number on the scale, that it would have shocked me back to reality – made me put down the crap and back away from the table.  It probably also would have inspired me to hit the gym – something I didn’t do because I was stressed and exhausted (yes, yes… I know… exercise HELPS stress…).

Regardless, I am now off on another trip… though instead of a stress-inducer, it should be a stress-buster! Headed out for a week of hiking – one of those vacations that I talked about when I made the decision to not race this season.  It’ll be my first vacation in years that hasn’t had some sort of race involved in it.  Amazing, isn’t it?

My goal?  To come back weighing what I weigh now.  I’ll be cognizant of my food intake, and exercise is kind of built-in to the trip.  Hopefully the day spent in Vegas on either side of the hiking won’t do me in… we’ll see, though.  When I get back – it’s 3-month progress report time.  More measurements, more pictures, more analysis.  With any luck, I’ll be headed in the right direction!

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