And so it begins…

I’ve survived my first sugarless day!  And just as important – everyone around me survived my first sugarless day!

It actually wasn’t too difficult.  Or, not as bad as I thought it might be, at least.  I didn’t have an overwhelming urge to stab a co-worker because they were eating donuts right in front of me (the nerve!) – so I think that can be called a victory in anyone’s book.  Yes?

Seriously – I didn’t expect the first day to be so bad.  It’s all new, I’m very aware of everything I’m eating, I’m still being good and all that.  No really sugar cravings, per se, though I can see a few things that are going to be difficult:

  • It’s only the second day, and I already need to think about stopping at the store because I’m running out of fruit and vegetables.  It’s hard to keep the kitchen stocked with fresh stuff, especially since I’m going through it at an alarming rate.
  • And all those fruits and vegetables?  Well, I love ’em.  No problems there.  But I’m finding that they don’t really stick with me all that well.  I’m going to have to toss something more substantial into the diet, I think.  In my past life (read: last week), I would have had some sort of bar (fiber bar, protein bar, candy bar (just kidding!)) and that would have calmed my stomach down.  Now, I need to find something filling but not sugary, which is going to require a little more creativity and forethought on my part.
  • I’m finding that of all things, though, what I miss the most is gum and hard candy.  And that’s not as much about the “sweet” as it is a way to kind of clean my palette after I’ve eaten.  I’m going to try putting some lemon in my water, see if that makes a difference.  You know, after I get to the grocery store again to buy it…

So… onward and upward (or downward, as weight may go…).  Bring Day #2 on!  I’m ready for it.

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