The Easter Bunny jumped me…

… but not in a good way.

He sucker-punched me a little bit, but that was all, lucky for me.

I had decided to go into the Easter festivities avoiding sugar – to stay true to the plan.  And I was good until I spotted what my Mom made for the dessert:  it was The Pie.

The Pie.  Words can barely describe it.

It shows up once every couple of years and let me tell ya, it’s a thing of beauty.  A flaky crust that holds a very light, delicate sweet cream cheese base upon which are perched a few dozen large, whole, fresh strawberries. Take all that and top with a drizzle of chocolate.  It may not sound like much, but oh my – my mouth is watering just describing it.  If we hadn’t inhaled it so quickly, I would have taken a picture to give you a better idea of The Pie. But WHOOSH! it was gone in a heartbeat.

And – yes – I had a piece.  How could I not?  If nothing else, not having a slice would have been an insult to the cook, right?

But – the upside – I avoided all the candy, and didn’t have any other dessert.  So, the damage? One slice of The Pie.  I’ll consider that a victory. Of sorts, at least.

And – like someone wise told me (I’ve mentioned in previous posts all my smarter-than-me friends before, right?), that’s what sweets should be:  treats that are truly appreciated and savored, not just something shoved into your mouth for no good reason.

And that’s what this was.  Something special.  And MAN did I enjoy every bite!  (I mostly stopped myself from licking the plate clean)


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  1. Hi Laura, just saw your comment over on the communicatrix and wanted to see you do a wee happy dance! *wave!* 🙂 Well done on The Pie, and even if 29 out of 30 no sugar days isn’t perfect, it’s still better than 99 % of the population, I’ll venture. Have a nice day now, Dee

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