(Not so) Manic Monday

It’s like Christmas around here today!  Look at what I got in the mail:

How tasty does that look? I know, I know — I can sense the jealousy coming over the virtual wire.

Aside from that, it was a pretty normal Monday.  Up at 4:30am, stumble into the shower, walk the dogs, go to work, come home, walk the dogs, do my PN workout, choke down 6 more fish oil soft gels (for the last time! Yay!) and then sit down to spread the good news here about the orange-flavored fish oil that I got.

I’m going to try putting it in my morning protein shake tomorrow … since I know y’all will be on the edge of your seats, I promise to report back how awesome/awful it is.

On another note, I faced my kryponite at work this morning:  my colleague brought in his homemae banana chocolate chip bread.  Yow.  So, so good.  I had a hearty slice and skipped two of my healthier snacks, so it’s a wash, right?  I figure I should take advantage while I can!

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