You’re on candid camera!

So, on Saturday the coaches and mentors held two GoToMeeting sessions.  The first was about the measurements we were having done and the second was a discussion/introduction on how to use the forums.

In my professional life, I use GTM sessions a lot, so I felt pretty at ease connecting up and joining the meeting.  I figured it would be how it usually is: connect up, join the crowd of people already there, and just listen in while someone leads the meeting and goes through a PowerPoint slide set.  Let’s just say I was a little wrong.

So, I jump into the measurements meeting and whoa! there are 4 people staring back at me!  Well, not really since I didn’t have a webcam on, but they’re looking at the black box that represents me.  And Coach V. is all like, “turn on your webcam so we can see you!”. Um, yea, I wasn’t really prepared at all for this. Like, not even one little itty bit.

Not being able to think quickly enough to either lie about having a webcam or create a reason for not hopping in, I set about getting my previously-unused webcam turned on. Finally I appeared on-screen. Oog. Yup, I was really regretting the decision to skip my usual morning shower.

Initially – awkward.  I felt all kinda weird and exposed.  But then – something happened.  I relaxed, I started talking and all of a sudden it felt more like a conversation among new friends rather than a slightly bizarre techno talking heads meeting. Being able to see everyone really makes a difference; since I spend so much of my life on the computer sometimes I forget basic things, like, it’s easier to read someone when you can see their face.  Duh.

I find myself a little surprised to honestly say that I’m looking forward to more of these meetings!  There are a ton of people in our Coach V. group, but this is an avenue to getting to know some of them on a deeper level than just reading their forum posts.

And now I’ve learned my lesson and know better:  no bedhead!

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