Sunday Funday: Week 2 Review

Clarke and Belle resting on rest day

Rest day! It’s an absolutely gorgeous day outside, though, so I’ll shortly be waking up the dogs from their morning naps and taking them out for a walk. Need to take full advantage of this sunny, 70 degree day before it’s either 100 degrees out or 0 degrees and snowing.

Now I’ve got two weeks in the books.  And – like I’ve been saying – it’s easy so far. The idea of changing just one thing at a time, concentrating on adding just one new habit every two weeks, still seems like cheating, but I promised that I would do whatever my Coach said. It’s not like what I was trying to do was working, right?

This week finishes up two weeks of the habit of taking fish oil and probiotics every day.  I’m still not entirely used to the sheer amount of fish oil that we’re supposed to take in, but at least it’s become a habit that I don’t think a whole lot about (hey! look at that! A method to the madness, eh?).  I’ll be happy, though, when we cut the dosage in half in a few weeks. Until then, I wonder if all the fish oil has made me a better swimmer??

And – also – two weeks of workouts in the books.  I haven’t missed one yet! (gold star for me!) Next week starts kicking up the number of rounds of each circuit, so this is going to start resembling a normal-length strength training workout.  There’s also a stretching/foam roller component to all this, which is smart, in my very humble opinion.  I’ve been a proponent of the evil foam roller for years now, having made it my before-bed ritual awhile ago. Somehow the interminable pain of the roller seems to ease pain during the rest of my life, which isn’t a bad trade-off, I suppose (though don’t try to convince me of this when I’m in the middle of rolling out my ITB or lats!).

Two weeks down.  50 plus the rest of my life to go!

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