Habit forming

So, a little more about the PN theory on habits (and not nun-type habits, either).

Every two weeks, a new habit appears on my home page.  Now, what’s nice about having two weeks per habit is how it’s divided up — the first week is all about kind of easing into things. I start with being mindful of what I’m trying to accomplish and then practice and experiment with different ways of getting it done.

With the fish oil, the first week was all about finding the right product, figuring out the best time to take it and determining what made it easiest to adhere to the habit.  The current habit — slow eating — requires testing out different strategies of slowing down and even just remembering that I’m supposed to be doing it (I’m getting old…remembering is always the hardest part).

And then the second week I try to move from “figuring it out” to implementation. Get my plan in gear and work it, baby!  During those last 7 days, the focus has to be on getting everything down pat so that when I get the next new habit, this one is easy peasy and doesn’t require one bit of thought (I’m bad with “thought”, too). 

Right now it’s quite manageable — one old habit and one new habit — but it’s occurred to me that in 52 weeks I’ll have 26 habits to remember!  Yikes.  Of course, by then I’ll be a mean Lean Eating machine and I’ll have an entire healthy lifestyle on autopilot.  No remembering, no thought, just me wondering why the hell I take so much fish oil and why it takes me 5 hours to eat.  Or something like that.

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