In the beginning

This isn’t my first weight-loss, get-in-shape rodeo.  While I haven’t done many of the more trendy diets (South Beach, no carbs, grapefruit diet, etc), in the past I’ve been successful with simply tracking food and exercise and eating whole, healthy foods. Pretty straightforward, right?

Of course, this time around that wasn’t working for me.  It’s a method that requires a certain amount of willpower and single-minded dedication and I just didn’t have it in me (the siren calls of pizza and ice cream and cookies were too irresistible to ignore!).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m confident in my knowledge of nutrition and training — I’ve gotten myself lean and in shape and have even helped others as well.  But going into the Lean Eating program, I promised myself one thing:  I would approach it with a beginner’s mind, as if I didn’t know a damn thing about anything.

I wouldn’t make assumptions, or think that my way was better (clearly, it wasn’t). I decided that since I was paying someone else monthly that I’d let them do the thinking for me.  Do what I’m told and do it to the best of my ability. No questioning, no whining, no second-guessing.

Sometimes it’s hard.  Take the fish oil, for example: I’ve been doing this for over 3 weeks now and while it’s easy and I do it every day, I don’t feel any different.  Part of my brain is going, “… and why am I still doing this??” and calculating the money I could save by not having to buy it at all.

At which point, I start telling that part of my brain to shut up.

(The whole thing is pretty comical if you happen to catch me in the act!  I think the dogs even laugh at me… of course, that wouldn’t be the only thing they laugh at me for)

Anyway – I’m going into this with an open mind, ready to learn, ready to change.  And ready for that boundlessness, limitlessness and infinite wealth.

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