Meta post

My supervisors looking at me sternly
My supervisors

What can I say — yes, it’s a blog post about my blog posting.

I’ve had more than a couple of blogs in the last few years and without exception, I started out all gung-ho and 2-3 weeks later I’d miss a posting… maybe two… and then POOF! it was an abandoned bloggy ghost town.

This blog, though, has gone further than any other I’ve started and my goal is to post every day for the 365 days that I’m part of the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating program.  Aren’t you excited? A little bit of me every day!

Following the PN tenets, though, I’m giving myself permission to do the following things:  

  • make entries short… not only does this help me out, but I’m thinking of you too!  Who really wants to read 3,000 words a day about this stuff?
  • not have to obsessively edit each entry… this is the one area of my life that I’m incredibly type “A” — I want everything to be absolutely perfect
  • not have to recreate the wisdom of the great American novel or the hilarity of an SNL sketch each time out… basically, this is an online journal for me and while I want it to be entertaining, I also don’t want to have to slave over my computer for 4 hours every night.  Get over it.

Essentially, I am giving myself the permission to be imperfect, knowing that it’s a true reflection of the person I am today.

Now you know what to expect from me and feel free to give me hell if I start missing entries.  Of course, I’ll say that the dog ate my homework (and knowing my monsters, that might actually be true), just so you know.

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