Over the weekend, the large group of Coach V’s girls were separated into small accountability groups.  My group has about 10 ladies in it and we hang out in a Google+ community, which has turned out to be a pretty great way to be able to connect.

Tonight we had our first meet-and-greet using Google+ Hangouts and it was definitely cool.  It’s one thing to get to know people through their postings and a whole ‘nother thing to see people and really feel like there’s a human being on the other end of the line. It adds an entirely new dimension to the relationships.

We talked for almost an hour, doing introductions and talking about what we thought of the program so far.  It struck me, about 15 minutes in, that these women — there were 4 of us, plus our mentor on the call — are the ones that I’ll be spending the next year with. As much as I know that I can count on my friends and family to be there for me, after awhile I’m guessing they’ll get a little annoyed with me constantly talking about it (you triathletes out there know what I’m talking about!).

On the other hand, my LE peeps will have my back.  They’ll also have a complete understanding about what I’m going through, and that’ll be more valuable than anything else.  I believe this accountability group will be the lynch pin to my success.

A tangent:  Google+ Hangouts are way cool!  It was a little laggy sometimes, but overall, for a free tool, it was pretty awesome.  Of course, I love all things Google, so I might be a little biased (and no, they don’t pay me for all the nice things I say about them).

Back to the group.  We’ll meet on a scheduled every other week basis, with as many impromptu get togethers as we want.  We’re a geographically diverse group (though mainly all from the Midwest), but I get the feeling that some of these women will end up being really good friends by the time we’re done with this.

And you know what?  That’s a great feeling.

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