5 Whys

The other day we had an assignment:  answer the question “Why are you doing Lean Eating?”  Easy, right?  I’ve probably written at least a few blog posts on this question already.

But – not done yet.  Follow up that first “why” with another 4 “whys”.  That’s when it gets a little more interesting.

An example, using my furry monsters:

Why did you get another dog?
–> Because I thought Belle would like a brother.

Why did I think Belle would want a brother?
–> So she would have someone to play with. 

And why does she need someone to play with?
–> Because I love the thrill of keeping two 70-pound dogs from taking out my TV while wrestling with each other when my back is turned or I have to (god forbid!) pee.

And then on for another couple of whys.  You get the idea.

When doing it for real — the whole why LE question — it took me awhile to come up with an answer that satisfied me.  I kept going in the wrong direction, or ending up somewhere that didn’t really feel like me.  So, I doggedly kept at it, working it around until it rang true.

And without further ado, here it is:

Why did I decide to join the Lean Eating program?
–> To lose weight and regain my strength.

Why do I want to lose weight and regain strength?

–> Because that will make it easier and more fun to be more active.

Why do I want to be more active?

–> Because being more active will get me in better shape.

Why do I want to get in better shape?

–> Because I want to have the body of an athlete.

And why do I want to have the body of an athlete?

–> Because having the body of an athlete will remove the awful sense of dissonance that I walk around with right now — I think of myself as an athlete, but certainly don’t look like one, and I kinda hate that.  I want that identity back!
I’ve always been an athlete in various stages of being in (or out of) shape, but this is as far away as I’ve been from looking like it on the outside.  And that’s just not who I am. I want people to actually believe that I’ve done marathons and such without raised eyebrows and an “oh really?  I never would have guessed…”.

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