So, on Saturday the coaches and mentors held two GoToMeeting sessions.  The first was about the measurements we were having done and the second was a discussion/introduction on how to use the forums.

In my professional life, I use GTM sessions a lot, so I felt pretty at ease connecting up and joining the meeting.  I figured it would be how it usually is: connect up, join the crowd of people already there, and just listen in while someone leads the meeting and goes through a PowerPoint slide set.  Let’s just say I was a little wrong.

So, I jump into the measurements meeting and whoa! there are 4 people staring back at me!  Well, not really since I didn’t have a webcam on, but they’re looking at the black box that represents me.  And Coach V. is all like, “turn on your webcam so we can see you!”. Um, yea, I wasn’t really prepared at all for this. Like, not even one little itty bit.

Not being able to think quickly enough to either lie about having a webcam or create a reason for not hopping in, I set about getting my previously-unused webcam turned on. Finally I appeared on-screen. Oog. Yup, I was really regretting the decision to skip my usual morning shower.

Initially – awkward.  I felt all kinda weird and exposed.  But then – something happened.  I relaxed, I started talking and all of a sudden it felt more like a conversation among new friends rather than a slightly bizarre techno talking heads meeting. Being able to see everyone really makes a difference; since I spend so much of my life on the computer sometimes I forget basic things, like, it’s easier to read someone when you can see their face.  Duh.

I find myself a little surprised to honestly say that I’m looking forward to more of these meetings!  There are a ton of people in our Coach V. group, but this is an avenue to getting to know some of them on a deeper level than just reading their forum posts.

And now I’ve learned my lesson and know better:  no bedhead!

Coach V. put up a video yesterday — just a quick note about a few things to keep in mind as we start this little trip we’re all taking together — and one of the ideas that she touched upon was that we needed to remember that progress wasn’t always going to be in a straight line.  

I’m considering making a flashing neon sign out of this sentiment and mounting it in my house. Perhaps in every room, even. That way I might not be able to ignore that bit of wisdom when I become frustrated and disappointed and all of a sudden I rationalize that I now have a great excuse to completely fall off the wagon. You know, maybe put an end to the “I didn’t lose any weight this week! Let’s have a full pizza and a gallon of ice cream to drown my sorrows!” (and don’t think I haven’t done that before…)

This is a long haul type of deal here. Not even just the year that I signed up for, either. This is the rest of my life, baby!  And my sanity will depend on truly internalizing that picture up above.  There are going to be weeks where I do absolutely everything right and will gain weight. And that’s okay.  The flip side of that:  there will also be weeks where I cut every corner and still manage to lose a pound or two.  And that’s okay, too! 

Progress will be two steps forward, one step back.  And – again – repeat after me – THAT’S OKAY. I mean, I’ve got a neon sign telling me it is.  How could that be wrong?