The closet of many sizes

Skinny jeans.  Normal jeans.  Getting-Fat jeans.  OMG-WILL-YOU-STOP-EATING jeans.  My closet is a land of about 4 distinct clothing sizes, and one of the reasons that I started LE is that I couldn’t face the prospect of adding a fifth to the crew.

See, my weight gain hasn’t been all that gradual — it’s basically all been just since the beginning of the year — so I moved up through the line pretty quickly. In January, I was comfortably in my normal size clothes and was pretty content right there.  That’s the weight where I wouldn’t mind losing another 5-10 pounds, but if it stayed right where it is, I’m totally living with it.  And then the pounds started piling on.

Here’s a visual for you (note that I didn’t record my weight for the first few weeks of January, so that’s actually a mid-December start weight):

I lived high on the hog (heh!) from January until about June, and then I woke up and was all like, “Whaaaaat….??” when my Getting-Fat jeans started being REALLY uncomfortable. Like, old man unbuttoning his pants after dinner uncomfortable.  Once I resigned myself to buying jeans another size up, I also decided that this was the end of the line — I couldn’t allow things to get worse. But it seemed like no sooner than I promised myself this that my OMG-WILL-YOU-STOP-EATING jeans started feeling just a bit snug. And that’s when the LE email popped into my Inbox. Like I’ve said before – absolute serendipity. Obviously, my promises to myself weren’t enough to keep me accountable, but now working with LE I’m starting to see results.

So, I am really ready to lose more weight (more importantly:  INCHES!) so that I can fit back into my normal winter wardrobe.  I look at those clothes longingly and think, “Soon, my pretties, soon…”.

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