Hard habit(s) to break

Not only a rockin’ 80’s song from the band Chicago, but also a list of things that I still need to get out of my diet:

  1. Diet Pepsi.  I have only one a day (okay, okay, so it’s a 24 ounce bottle, but still just ONE bottle), but I probably need to break this habit.  I’ve given it up from time to time, but always find myself back on it after a period of weeks or months.  Thing is, I genuinely really, really like the taste of it!  People always say that after you give it up for awhile, when you drink it again, it tastes like chemicals.  Um, yea, no.  Not for me.  For me it’s dark, bubbly liquid gold that makes me smile, close my eyes and go “YUMMMMMMMM” when I take my first sip of the morning.
  2. Butterscotch hard candies.  I do love these little gems.  I go through cycles with them — periods where I barely notice them and other times when I could snack on them all day.  And it’s amazing how quickly 20-25 calories per candy can add up! (not that I’m calorie counting, of course!)
  3. Non-caffeinated diet pop.  Root beer, Sprite Zero, Hansen’s All Natural Diet Mango — it’s my go-to sweet of choice at night when I’m looking for something dessert-like.
  4. Trader Joe’s Green Tea Mints.  Try them.  You’ll love them.
  5. Trader Joe’s Black Bean and Quinoa chips.  What can I say — even Clarke thinks they’re irresistible. 
    Clarke wouldn’t stay still long enough for
    me to take a non-blurry picture.  And
    don’t worry, no dogs were harmed in the
    taking of this picture.  The bag was
    already empty.  Of course.
    Those are the major offenders, and ones that I don’t feel quite ready to get rid of just quite yet.  The Diet Pepsi I’m considering not replenishing when I run out (in 4 days); same with the other diet pops (or “sodas” for those non-midwest folks out there).  The mints?  Well, I don’t get them too often, and try to only keep them in the car, so I don’t feel quite as guilty about them.  And the chips, well, I can actually go days and days without eating them, but when I do dive in, it’s not pretty (though I pair them with guacamole, which is healthy, right?).
    I need to start thinking about setting myself up for success and having these foods around — while I refuse to absolutely cut them out of my life — puts me in a situation where they’ll get eaten, one way or another (and normally I don’t let the dogs eat the chips). That’s not really the best way to break my habits, now, is it?

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