New Habit Monday — Carboholics Anonymous

Another “what to eat” habit is here:  make smart carb choices.  This is the one that I knew was coming but wasn’t looking forward to because I really love my carbs.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve never met a carb I didn’t love.

I’ve already done a lot in the way of cutting out the refined carbs — the cookies, bakery bread, crackers, muffins and all of the other starchy goodness out there — but I’ve been reluctant to really make a concerted effort to consistently make smarter carb choices.  I don’t wanna <insert pouty lower lip>.

Now, I know quite well that when I feel resistance, I’m being faced with one of those things that I know I ought to do, but don’t really want to make the effort to get it done. Like geometry homework (the one math class I hated). It’s kind of hard — I mean, what’s a good sandwich without good bread to hold it together, right? — and, um, ya, I just don’t wanna.

But – I will.  I can’t avoid something just because it’s a challenge.  Right?  I haven’t had success doing this my way, and that’s something I need to keep pounding into my brain. This is one of my difficult-difficult things (have I talked about difficult-easy and difficult-difficult yet?  Hmmm… if not, that’s coming up soon).

So – instead of a bakery bread sandwich, I’ll have a lettuce wrap.  Substitute sweet potatoes for white rice.  Replace cookies with … nothing, I guess.  That just seems a little sad, doesn’t it?  Anyway, I’m on it.

Can’t you just smell that heavenly bakery goodness?

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