Foodie Friday: Basil Cauliflower Pizza

I’ve decided to try a new weekly thing — Foodie Friday — where I talk about a recipe that I’m either going to make, or have made and decided is delicious.  I’ve really been trying to branch out and try new things, so this will keep me accountable (and y’all know that I love me some accountability!).

The first installment:  Basil Cauliflower Pizza

I haven’t made this yet — it’s on the agenda for Saturday dinner, I believe — but I’ve been wanting to forever!  I had been putting it off because ricing cauliflower was beyond my kitchen appliance abilities, but then I found an awesome video showing me how to do it in my blender, and that sealed the deal.

If I can find a way to have pizza that’s admittedly not real pizza, but still a good facsimile (and healthy!), I’m all over it.  The internet seems to think this is a wonderful thing, so I’m going to give it a try.  And tell you what, I’ll come back here and add an epilogue once I’ve made it and taste tested!

October 5th, 2013 …Verdict?

It was … a little better than just okay.  Certainly not pizza, though it was tasty.  I did a couple of things wrong, though — I riced the cauliflower as in the video above and I should have let the cauliflower drain longer because when I formed the crusts, it was probably a little more liquid-y than it should have been.  Oh, and I forgot zucchini, so there were basically no vegetables on top.  Oops.

I’ll probably try this again.  Even though it didn’t taste like pizza, it did taste good and it at least scratched the itch for real pizza (for a bit, at least).

Not nearly as pretty, eh?  I also ran out
of room on the baking sheet, too. Bad
space management…

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