Shh… don’t tell anyone, but I think I finally have some guns in the house:

Okay, maybe not “guns” but at least a small pistol, no?

Yes, I think strength training is finally starting to show some visible progress.  I know that my legs are gaining back definition that had been hidden under layers of cellulite (though I worry that the remaining cellulite will never go away — I am getting old, you know!) and that makes me even happier.  I love muscle definition.

Phase 3 of the strength workouts have certainly been kicking my butt — I think there was a huge leap between Phase 2 and 3, to be honest.  From “I can totally do this” to “I (gasp) think (gasp) this (gasp) is (gasp) insane (gasp gasp gasp)!”.  But it’s good — I find it hard to push myself on my own to move into discomfort during strength workouts, so this shove is just what I needed.

On the agenda for tonight?  Annual birthday dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant.  We always do it up right — appetizers, bottle(s) of wine, main course, desserts — and by the end, I’m usually so full that I feel absolutely awful. So tonight my goal is to enjoy everything, not worry about food choices, but also stop myself from gorging. Try to keep in the forefront of my mind that the dinner becomes far less enjoyable the more I eat and drink.  Sounds easy enough, right?

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