New Habit Monday: Record what you eat

Pretty straightforward — for the next two weeks, I need to record what I’m eating.  Seems simple enough, right?

I have to say, I’m a little apprehensive about this habit.  In the past, I have always been very successful at losing weight when I log all of my food and recorded every calorie.  The problem was that I was very UNsuccessful once I stopped doing it — without that governor in place, I was a mess.  One of the parts of Lean Eating that attracted me was the promise of being able to eat without worrying about counting calories; the idea of learning how to eat and live in a healthy manner that would keep me at an ideal weight without tracking sounds pretty dang awesome to me.

This is the detox salad that I
mentioned in another post. And Clarke.
And Belle.  Completely zonked out.

So since I can’t use my normal method for recording what I eat, I’m working out how to follow the habit while not making myself all type-A and crazy about it.  I’ve decided to try Evernote Food — I’m an Evernote evangelist already, so I thought this might be a non-count-y kind of way to track what I’m eating.  And plus, it gives me yet another opportunity to show off my pups, right?

Coach V. said that we should think of this strictly feedback, not judgment on whether or not that cupcake I just ate should be in my diet.  And in fact, at some point she’ll be looking over the logs to get an idea of what I’m eating.  I will say one thing:  the fact that someone is going to be looking at what I’m eating makes a huge difference.  The cupcake I just mentioned? Yea, I actually didn’t have one because I knew I’d have to report it.  Seriously. They even had Halloween decorations on top and I refrained.

It all kind of goes back to wanting people to think the best of me, I suppose. And it worries me that I’ll behave better due to external accountability rather than internal accountability.  What happens when the support goes away?

Anyway – we’ll see how this goes. And I’m going to keep the deep questions at bay for awhile because they kind of make my brain hurt a little and it’s Monday so I don’t need any more hurt.  Another time, I promise, okay?

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