Sunday not-so-funday: Week 15 review

Just a short post today because I’m doing it on my tablet instead of my computer. It’s been a rough week … my grandma passed away on Friday and on that same day I really messed up my back while working out.

As far as my grandma goes, she’s finally in peace. This is what she’d wanted for a long time now and so while it’s sad and we will miss her, there’s a sense of relief knowing that she’s where she wanted to be.

And as far as my back goes, it’s not good. Hurt it Friday afternoon and Friday night I could barely stay upright because it kept spasming. It’s gotten slightly better but is still very sketchy. Every move is done with the utmost care still, though at least the spasms have decreased quite a bit. Of course with a wake and funeral the next two days, it’ll be a lot of on-my-feet time that probably isn’t going to help.

Measurements:  good week for me even with everything going on.  The inches keep coming off … noticeable when I went shopping this morning for dress pants for the wake — I’m down a size.

Workouts:  good until my back decided to stage a mutiny. I imagine I’m at least a week out from doing any kind of meaningful training.

Habits:  finally decided on just writing everything down in a Google doc along with how I felt before and after the meal. It’s getting the job done without making me too crazy.

So my focus in the coming week? Nutrition, of course, since that’s the one thing I can a still do.  It’ll be a challenge with everything going on, but I need to do it.

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