What a week

It’s been quite the week:  wake and funeral for my grandma, muscle-spasming-in-my-back issues, things breaking at work issues and yesterday I managed to catch the bad cold that’s been going around (and just as my back was feeling good enough to try working out again!).  You know, because everything else wasn’t enough.

Nutritionally, this has been a most awful week.  I pretty much ate all sorts of crap because it was convenient and easy and I wasn’t feeling up to taking care of myself.  In return, I enjoyed some junk food but felt kind of nasty afterwards.  I don’t like feeling like that.

I need a reset.  I need to eat healthy.  Even though I’m not feeling well, I need to spend this weekend doing food prep so that I have healthy options right in front of me.

Just wanted to update everyone — I know it’s been awhile since I posted here.  I’m around, just sniffling, coughing and miserably whining about not feeling well.  It’s not pretty.

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