I recently came across a series of posts from the website that really resonated with me.  She talked in detail about self-sabotage and how to combat it.

Yes, it’s 6 different posts.  Yes, it’s a bit of reading.  But do you struggle with self-sabotage?  Yes?  Then trust me — it’s worth the time.

For me?  #11 (Limited Opportunity/Scarcity) and #13 (Quantity Saboteurs) are BY FAR my biggest enemies, though — of course — the others all creep in from time to time. I constantly have to fight my brain when it thinks “I MIGHT NEVER GET THIS AGAIN. MUST. EAT. NOW.” and “I MUST FINISH ALL THE ICE CREAM SO IT DOESN’T TEMPT ME EVER AGAIN!!”  Logical fallacies, both of them, but I keep on believing myself when the voices in my head say things like that.

(see?  now you have to go read to know what I’m talking about)

I have to spend a little time thinking on this and doing the homework and then I’ll report back, okay?  You do the same.  I really do think it’s worth the effort.  Every little bit of understanding you can gain about yourself is valuable.

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