Since the whole funeral/bad back/bad cold thing, I’ve been having trouble getting back on track.  I’m doing better, but still not as well as I want to.  So, the top 10 list of notes to myself:

  1. It’s okay to be hungry, Laura.  Honest. It won’t kill you. Only makes you a little cranky, and that just might make people at work stop talking to you. Bonus!
  2. Just because it’s there, you don’t have to eat it.  I’m talking about you, brought-into-the-office Panera bagels.
  3. SLOW DOWN.  It’s not a race.  Well, at least not a race that you’ll get a medal or prize money for winning.
  4. Vegetables.  They’re your friend.
  5. And all those processed carbs you crave?  They aren’t so much your friend.
  6. Stop buying junk food, bringing it into the house, then deciding that you need to eat it all RIGHT NOW to remove the temptation.  Duh.
  7. The dogs won’t mind being walked even though it’s getting chilly outside. Remember the cute hoodies you bought them?  Put them to use. Make all the neighbors jealous with how damn good-looking and stylish your pooches are and how dedicated a dog owner you are, with all the walking in the cold and such.
  8. When you’re almost full, stop eating.  Easy, right?  There’s no need to be a member of the Clean Plate Club — contrary to common Mom-guilt wisdom, this does not help the starving children in Africa.
  9. Don’t avoid the interval workouts just because they hurt because that’s more of a John Mellancamp hurts so good. Which totally rocks, ya know?
  10. JFDI.  That’s all.

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