New Habit Monday: Drink Only Calorie-Free Beverages

Another easy(ish) habit for me — don’t drink anything that has calories in it.  With the exception of my protein shake in the morning (which I drink *because* of the calories), I don’t really drink my calories these days.  Occasionally a Gatorade after a particularly difficult workout (which hasn’t really happened in the past few months), but that’s about it.

Of course, the next step after that is eliminating all soda pop.  Um, yea.  That’s going to be tougher.  I ran out of my beloved Diet Pepsi yesterday and decided not to replenish the supply.  And then this morning I was especially tired and cranky after not getting a good night’s sleep due to a headache, and by mid-morning I broke down and got a Diet Coke from the vending machine (that tells you how desperate I was … I really don’t like Diet Coke all that much).

What can I say — it’s not even the caffeine, really, it’s that I just love the taste.  And it must be a dialed-back version of what a smoker feels like when they light up — my entire body just goes, “Ahhhhhh…..” and sighs with happiness with that first swallow.

That said, I’ll be able to follow the letter of the habit without too much trouble, but I do want to start working on eliminating the diet pop from my day.  I’m also guilty of having a more-than-occasional glass of diet root beer in the evening.  It satisfies my sweet tooth without me chowing down on chocolate or something worse for me (not that I have those things in my house anymore…).

Like I’ve been talking about — my new habit is really eating Primally(ish) and that’s what I’m going to be working on.  I just bought another 6-pack of Diet Pepsi, so I’ll consider doing away with it again once I’ve run out and see how long I last…

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