New Habit Monday: There are no new habits!

Surprise! It’s like a midterm exam:  LE is letting us completely loose for the week!  No assigned workouts, no new habit, no nutritional guidelines.  As they say, you don’t have to have a program to be active, a diet to eat healthy or big brother to keep you accountable — real life isn’t going to be like that, so why not practice real life for awhile, right?

I’m curious to see how this goes.  As far as the workouts go, I’m going to nail it. I’ll keep to the same basic structure — 3 strength training sessions, 2 HIIT workouts, 1 longer cardio workout — but only do stuff that I like doing.  In other words, side planks?  Not on my agenda. Shoulder press?  Not for me!  Lots of whole-body compound movements:  squats, deadlifts, benchpress, split squats, pushups and perhaps a regular plank or two.

Nutrition will be “easy” — mostly what I’ve already been doing.  Most meals are pretty clean, some meals aren’t, but the most important thing will be to go back to the foundations and eat slowly and don’t eat too much.  If I can do those two things, life will be good. The proof will be in the measurements on Saturday, or as we like to say here in the Lean Eating world, the proof is in the pudding you don’t eat.

We’ll see what else LE springs on us this week — I can’t imagine that they’ll just leave us entirely alone for a full 7 days, but who knows?  Maybe they trust us now?

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