Small change with big meaning

At the halfway mark, Lean Eating pulled a very subtle switcheroo on us — in the section where we get our green “You did good!” checkmarks, it went from being entitled “My Compliance” to “My Consistency”.

My very first screen shot of my checkmarks

I have to admit — had my coach not pointed that out in her weekly video message, I wouldn’t have noticed.  It goes along with the unsupervised week and the mindset shift that I should be experiencing, going from simply obeying whatever they tell me, to knowing how to live a healthy life and doing my best to practice those habits consistently. Because consistency is really the key to success, right? It’s not that you exercise once, it’s that you do a little every day.  It’s not that you pass up the cheesecake one night at dinner but eat like crap the rest of the time, it’s that each day you consistently make choices that support your goals and lifestyle (though sometimes that includes a slice of cheesecake!).

Up to date checkmarks!

Tricky, tricky Precision Nutrition! I kind of scoffed at the change initially, but it’s really growing on me. I really like the idea of switching from following all the rules to figuring out how the rules fit into real life.  This isn’t a year-long program, it’s the rest of my life, ya know?  And learning the habits and doing the mental work has made big changes, but it’s still a matter of implementing in a way that will allow me to continue being consistent for years into the future.

(On another note — look at all those green checkmarks! Go, me!)

So, here’s to having all the puzzle pieces … now it’s time to put them all together.

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