We interrupt this blog to give you 9 days of probably close to nothing.

In my real life, I’m an I.T. professional and starting today, I’m taking a Microsoft class on Server 2012 for the next 9 days.  But not just a class — an intense, bootcamp-style class (without the cardio or fun strength training).  Saturday and Sunday don’t even offer a break from the 12 hour days.

In preparation for this, I made a bunch of food so that I could easily stay on track with my nutrition (if I so choose to).  Historically, these classes cause me to eat eat eat — as I’m working away, or trying to stay awake during lectures, I always want something to munch on.  I’ve got veggie choices for these snack attacks, and not too much in the way of junk food in the house, so I’m hoping that this doesn’t end up being a bad week.

So, posting will be light until I’m done with this special week and a half of hell.  I’m making a commitment to getting up early to get workouts in, and as long as the weather is okay, I’ll walk the dogs a little longer twice a day because I’ll need a break.  But I won’t have time for much more than that.  It’s an exhausting 7am-7pm work day.  Lovely.

Don’t miss me too much!

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