Sunday Funday: Week 27 Review

Right now it’s Saturday night, and my class finished a bit early — a nod to the fact that this is the weekend.  The class has been good, but utterly exhausting.  It’s like Groundhog Day; every morning, the same thing.  Only three more days and I’ll be done with it, though.  After that, all I’ll have to do is schedule and pass three certification exams.  Piece o’ cake. Or perhaps piece o’ lean protein?

Poor Clarke.  Tail-less and wearing the Cone of Shame.

It’s been an otherwise drama-filled week.  My one neurotic dog decided to (once again) chew a hole in his tail, and this time he didn’t fool around — he did a lot of damage.  I ended up having to get his tail amputated because the vet was fairly certain that it wasn’t going to heal — apparently the distal end of the tail was ice cold already.  Yes, it’s been a helluva week. Thank God for my roommate who really stepped in a helped out a bunch.

So, while I have a few minutes, the update for the week:

Despite the stress and weird schedule, I’m down a little.  This makes me happy. I haven’t necessarily stayed true to my nutrition goals 100%, but I also never went overboard when I was stress-eating. This was trial by fire, and I think I did okay this time around.

Class starts at 7am, and all but one day I got up early and fit my workout in before hitting the books.  This also makes me happy.  I knew that if it wasn’t done first thing, it wouldn’t get done at all, and so I simply made the decision that it was important to me.

A little more, a little better — this whole week has been a test of this.  And I’d say that I’ve been doing pretty well. It helps to have this habit in the back of my head keeping me honest.

Intermittent Fasting (IF)
Been pretty good at keeping to this.  It helps that I’m not done with class until 7pm and by 8pm I’m headed to bed because I’m so freakin’ tired.

Habit Log
Weeks 1-2: Fish oil and probiotic
Weeks 3-4: Eating slowly
Weeks 5-6: Stop eating at 80% full
Weeks 7-8: Lean protein with every meal
Weeks 9-10: 5 servings of vegetables a day
Weeks 11-12: Make smart carb choices
Weeks 13-14: Plan Meals
Weeks 15-16: Log all food
Weeks 17-18: Create a sleep ritual
Weeks 19-20: Drink only zero calorie beverages
Weeks 21-22: Use targeted recovery strategies
Weeks 23-24: Eat only whole foods
Week 25: No new habits (work on the previous ones)
Weeks 26-27: A little more, a little better

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