What month is it?

I’m not saying anything that anyone around here hasn’t already said a million times, but I AM SO SICK OF THIS WEATHER. It’s the end of March. It’s OFFICIALLY Spring. And yet, I drove to work in white-out conditions just this week. And there’s more snow predicted in the 10-day forecast. Ridiculous.


I’m ready to go running, ready to take the dogs for long walks, ready to take my bike out, ready to sit out on the patio with a book and an adult beverage but Mother Nature isn’t in agreement. I’m afraid that we’re going to go from 20’s and snowing to 97 degrees with 100% humidity with none of the beautiful Spring weather that keeps me sane the rest of the year.

I appreciate you allowing me to rant, I almost feel a little better from it. And now I’ll descend into my basement torture room for yet another workout because it’s too cold to do it outside.

(and yes, I know I could go outside regardless of the weather … and I used to run outside year-round … but I’m older and whinier now)

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