Over the brink

It’s started — the new year of Lean Eating.  Well, not exactly … they re-branded slightly and instead of it being called “Lean Eating” it’s “Precision Nutrition Coaching”.  Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe.  I kind of dig the name change.  I like saying that I’m in a coaching program than just “Lean Eating” which sounds a little dorky.  Not that dorky isn’t in my wheelhouse.

Going into this I was worried that it was going to be a repeat of last year, but so far there have been a number of noticeable changes, all for the better as far as I’m concerned.  My coach Jen has already been in touch with me a few times via email, which has been awesome and a switch from last year. And I’m determined not to feel like I’m “bothering her” since, you know, it isn’t actually true and even if it were, it’s her job to be bothered by the likes of me.

The first habit is different than last year — instead of doing supplements and such, it’s an even easier habit designed to prep us for the year ahead.  Every day I need to decide on a 5-minute action that will help me move towards my goals, or get something done that’s been on my list, etc.  I’ve done things like get podcasts on my phone for my walks, going through the refrigerator and cleaning out food and starting up some shoulder stretches for my perpetually tight shoulders.  As always, baby steps.  Just do a little better than I did yesterday.

Remember the green check marks?
Those haven’t changed, thank God.

Oh – and a big change:  no more skinfold testing! The consensus was that using calipers — even by professionals — was sketchy and not necessarily accurate.  So now it’s just scale weight and body girth measurements and photos.  I’m considering still doing the skinfold measurements every 3 months just for kicks and grins (since my in-house roommate/trainer does it for me), but we’ll see. It’s not a fun process; something about another person squeezing your body fat is a little off-putting, ya know?

And on that note, time for bed!

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