Blister in the sun

Clearly, someone smarter than me should have slapped
some sunscreen on my face yesterday…

Hey there, internet!  It’s been the most gorgeous weekend here and I’m dreading having to get back to work tomorrow — I’m guessing I’m not alone in feeling this way. I spent last week working from home because I was on call for jury duty.  Ended up having to report for just one day of service and didn’t even get called into a trial room — I sat in a comfy chair for about 6 hours, reading a book. Not the worst way to earn $10.

Things are still moving along here.  I’m down a few pounds and a few inches and still hearing that “I can do this!!” voice in my head (at least I hope the voice is in my head…).

On another topic, I talked with my coach about having signed up for the 10 mile run and she suggested that I run 3 times a week for the next few weeks — my two interval workouts will be runs and then my Active Recovery day will also be a run. Outside of that, I’ll keep to the PN prescribed strength training workouts and see how this goes.  I want to ease into a schedule of regular running a bit because I’m old and brittle and break easily — at least that’s what my horoscope said yesterday.

My PN coach has been really awesome this time around — she’s very involved and all over the PN forums and our Facebook group.  Like I told her, she’s our do-gooder, rah-rah stalker coach. I feel like she’s busting her butt to make sure that we’re all doing as much as we can to stay focused and motivated and get the most out of this year.  She’s definitely a keeper!

Since I’m not feeling very write-y and humor-y tonight, I’ll keep this brief. Mostly I wanted to post the ridiculous picture of my sunburn, anyway, so, mission accomplished.

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