25 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons Not To Workout

  1. I coughed so I must be getting sick and should rest.
  2. It’s too cold out.
  3. It’s too warm out.
  4. It’s too _____ out.
  5. The dogs will give me a guilt trip for not playing with them.
  6. I don’t have any clean workout clothes.
  7. I just did laundry and I don’t want to dirty anything right away.
  8. Did I hear donuts calling my name?
  9. I don’ wanna (said in my best, whiny, toddler voice)
  10. My horoscope said that it might be dangerous to lift anything heavy today.
  11. But there’s a marathon of Law and Order on TV!  I’m sure that’ll never happen again!
  12. My blog isn’t going to write itself.
  13. I’ve just gained the trust of my bed and hate to endanger that trust by leaving.
  14. The sun will make me squint too much and give me wrinkles.
  15. Right after I clear the next few levels of Candy Crush….
  16. It’s such a good hair day that I hate to ruin it by sweating.
  17. It just seems like so much…. work.
  18. There’s no one else home and I’m afraid that I might accidentally get pinned down by a barbell.
  19. My chakras would revolt.
  20. I’m trying to conserve energy in the event of a zombie attack.
  21. I’ve got a very important appointment with my couch that I must keep.
  22. Girl Scout cookies are in season again and I’d hate to be rude and not answer the door when they come calling.
  23. I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!
  24. I need to immediately start working on my new year’s resolution to get more sleep.
  25. I’m testing out the theory that a watched pot never boils.

Of course, for every 25 reasons for not working out, there’s always one good one in support of getting your sweat on: that feeling of accomplishment and badass-ness you get from taking on the world and coming out victorious. And that trumps those 25 excuses any day.

What’s your favorite perfectly acceptable reason for not working out?

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