New Digs


My mandate, right underneath the scar that changed the trajectory of my life.

As you probably noticed, I’ve had a change of address! My family likes to tease me that I change addresses about every 5 years (guilty as charged!) and since I’m not planning on selling my current townhome, I figured I’d move my virtual home instead. Please excuse the mess, but I’m still settling in. I’ve imported my posts from as well as my older stuff that had been living at (there might be a few of you out there that remember that site), but the formatting is a little wonky on some of them and I’m still trying to make it all homey and cute.

So – yes – I had mused to my triathlete buddies that I was looking to change my blog up, make it into something a little more all-encompassing and one of my very wise friends gave me the let go and live idea, in homage to my tattoo. Brilliant! Definitely a personal connection and as soon as I read the suggestion, I was in love with it (and had a “DUH” moment, realizing that I should have thought of it myself… of course, this is why I surround myself with amazing people — they totally make it possible to cover up all of my shortcomings).

I’m excited to be here — it feels not only like a fresh start, but also like a place where I can build a home. And while the main thrust will still be matters of physical and mental health, Let Go And Live will give me a venue to air other thoughts and ideas as well. And even more than that, let go and live is a mandate! It’s what I need to remind myself of daily (hence the tattoo) to get the most out of every day. You never know how much time you have, best to savor every moment and live the hell out of life.

So over the next few weeks, you’ll likely see the format change and evolve as I go through different iterations of themes and layouts, but I’m going to keep posting, regardless. It’s not as though this is going to allow me to quit my day job (or even earn enough to buy a cookie), so I’m not worried about it being a work in progress. I mean, I’m a work in progress, why not my blog, too? So, who’s along for the ride?


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  1. Refreshing, I love it. I think of my website(s) as an extension of me, a few different facets at that. I find I have to update them often because I really outgrow them, which drives my accountant batty because it throws off her depreciation and amortization schedule. Ha, ha, congratulation on the new digs!

  2. Welcome Home! You are looking pretty settled, nice job! Yes, I have surrounded myself with clever friends who offer a supply of insight when mine runs dry. They are so good to have. Coincidentally, my church message Sunday was about letting go, so your timing is perfect. Letting go is hard. You think the next step will be difficult and that “the old way” still has merit. Until you get to the pristine beauty of “the new”. Cheers to your new home! I feel like I need to bring you a bottle of wine now 😀

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