50 Things

For the month of January, I’ve committed to posting every day, having accepted the 30-day challenge made by Sarah Peck


For the 30-day writing challenge, Sarah Peck also provides some writing prompts in case the words aren’t flowing as they should. While I hadn’t been using them, the one that popped up the other day piqued my interest and I decided to run with it:

Write a list of 50 things I feel good about


  1. Seeing the moon when I walk Belle at o’dark thirty in the morning.
  2. Being able to help people with computer problems.
  3. Falling asleep right away.
  4. Waking up without an alarm.
  5. Butterscotch hard candy.
  6. When the perfect song comes on to motivate me as I’m trying desperately to finish off a session on the treadmill.
  7. Chatty emails just to say “hi”.
  8. Sushi.
  9. Heated seats in the car on a cold day.
  10. A text from someone that makes you smile.
  11. Co-workers that make you laugh.
  12. That first sip of Diet Pepsi in the morning.
  13. Prepping food on the weekend so I have healthy choices during the week.
  14. The little kindnesses we all give and receive every day, from letting someone merge in front of you to having a door held as you walk through.
  15. My little Mazda3.
  16. Figuring out a tough problem at work.
  17. A freshly-baked donut.
  18. Cooking dinner with a friend.
  19. Seeing a movie that makes you laugh as hard as it makes you cry.
  20. Packages that arrive in the mail (thank you, Amazon!).
  21. That first Spring-like day after a season of winter.
  22. Marking a new habit as “Done” for the day.
  23. Publishing a blog post.
  24. Getting the perfect sunset picture.
  25. A mountain trail that winds through aspen trees.
  26. Going downhill on a mountain bike.
  27. Getting your best time on a race.
  28. The smell of a newly opened can of tennis balls.
  29. Getting alcohol intake just right … not too little so that I fall asleep, not too much so that I fall asleep. Hmm.
  30. Not having my phone ring while at work.
  31. Taking a trip to a place I’ve never been.
  32. Having dinner with my family.
  33. Playing cards after dinner.
  34. The rare times when Belle actually WANTS to go for a walk.
  35. Going for a run and allowing my mind to wander.
  36. Occasional binge-watching of some program on Amazon Prime.
  37. Going into the cupboard to find that there’s a cookie left, even though I had lost hope of that being the case.
  38. Firefly Creative Writing workshops!
  39. Watching Belle play fetch — she’s so enthusiastic!
  40. The first snowfall of the year.
  41. Guessing the fastest moving lane at the grocery store.
  42. Climbing a mountain and enjoying the view from the peak.
  43. Hearing someone sing a song that gives me goose flesh it’s so good.
  44. Being out with friends and laughing so much my stomach hurts.
  45. Driving down the highway, windows down, radio blasting.
  46. Going out for a hike and seeing wildlife.
  47. Sitting in my chair, feet up, Belle snuggled on my lap.
  48. Turning on my cell phone after having been on a plane and having text messages from friends come in.
  49. Keeping a plant alive for longer than about two weeks.
  50. Coming home and having Belle greet me like I’m the best person in the entire world, bar none.


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