Ready or not

After a week of feeling less than 100% and skipping workouts with frightening regularity, I’m back in the game. It’s Sunday, and I could have started off today — I’m finally feeling fairly normal again (whatever “normal” is)  — but like the rest of the world, I figure it’s silly to start on Sunday when I could start on Monday. It’s just a more natural starting point, isn’t it?

But here’s the game plan, beginning tomorrow:

  • 3 runs for a total of 11+ miles
  • 2-3 strength training sessions
  • 7 blog posts (that was the one upside of not feeling well — easier to find time to write!)
  • 3 days of coding
  • SLEEP. In bed 30 minutes before I need to be asleep, and meditate before bed. Need my zzzzz’s!

That’s all. Seems easy enough, right?


It’s a snow globe!

The priority? Running. I’ve got the Winter Trail Frosty Half and Quarter Marathon (the #WTFhalf … that makes me giggle…) coming up at the end of February and after realizing that the New Year’s Day 5k in snow, ice and cold was a challenge, I can’t imagine that a 6.55 mile run off-road run is going to be anything but a death march. And since I’d like it to be more of a torture trudge and less a death march, a little training will do nothing but help.

Just gotta keep remembering my 2016 word: HUSTLE. Just keep moving, keep going, keep pushing. I don’t always want to train but reaching goals is all about doing things when my inner toddler is throwing a tantrum.

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