Accountability SunMonDay #9

 This is Accountability Sunday where I look at the past week and how much work I did towards my goals and then set some goals for the coming week.


The week started out slowly and ended with a sugar rush. Despite generally getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, I find myself dealing with an unrelenting tiredness — it could be anything from the time change (it’s much more difficult to fall asleep early when it stays light later) to Belle conspiring against me and intentionally keeping me from getting a good night’s sleep. Barring those, I figure it could be something physical, so, being the adult that I am, I actually made a doctor’s appointment to get a check up. Sometimes I can adult with the best of them!

The end of the week was awesome, though. Got together with friends to put together 8 meals at a meal prep place; nothing like enjoying the company of people I love AND taking home meals that just need to be popped in the oven. Friday, I had two friends come in to race with me on Saturday and we had a great time catching up and definitely not drinking a bottle of wine since we were racing the next day. We would never do something like that. And then a beautiful day on the lakefront! Chicago Quarter Marathon, in the books!

Easter was the perfect way to round out the week. Dinner with family and more sugar than I’ve had in a long time. My head buzzed like a swarm of bees and then I passed out, drool running down the side of my face.

Goals from last week

  • 15 miles including the Chicago Quarter Marathon — well, I did the race, so 6.55 miles. Other than that, I did some walking this week, but no real running. There were a lot of reasons/excuses, but I won’t bore you with them.
  • Two strength training sessions — BOOM. Done.
  • Track weight — down 0.7 pounds, easing my way out of the evil grasp of hormones
  • On good weather days when I don’t run or strength train, get outside for a walk — I did this on most days, though I missed one, I believe.

Goals for next week

  • Run 4 times for at least 20 minutes.  I’m giving up on mileage goals because sometimes it leads me to do stupid things. I’m no longer doing the half marathon and the idea is to just build up my running base. Running fewer miles more often makes sense to me, since I can recover from those runs much faster, making it so that I don’t have to take as much time off waiting to feel okay.
  • Two strength training sessions, and one will feature some heavy squats
  • Track weight
  • Get out and walk on good weather days.
  • Get all caught up with my online Living Brave course

What’s making me happy this week

Out of town friends! I had two friends come up Friday night to race with me on Saturday and I had the best time hanging out with them. To be honest, that’s one of the big reasons why I continue to do this stuff — the people are top-notch and among the best I’ve ever met. I love having good-influence friends that make me laugh and think and smile and have fun.

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