Dear Amazon…


Laura here.  Yes, that Laura — the one that has her credit card information memorized. I’m sure we’re on a first name basis since you get so much business from me.  But, here’s the thing:  we need to break up.  You’ve turned out to be my bad influence friend; I’m nothing but bad when I’m around you.  And frankly, my bank website is starting to get mad at me.  So, I bid a very sad adieu to you, ‘Zon.  I’ll miss you and all the wild times we shared.  Of course, you shouldn’t feel badly — it’s me, not you.  Well, it’s a little you.

                                       Much love,
                                           Your favorite impulse shopper.

Yes.  I have a problem.  I know it.  Amazon’s 1-click shopping really is going to be the death of my bank account one of these days (but it’s sooo easy! and wonderful!).

(Don’t worry, I’m not completely serious about the breakup)

So, what I did I buy?  Something that I couldn’t live another day without:  a Spiral Vegetable Slicer!  How exciting! (actually, I am excited)

Here’s how it happened:  I was on my Lean Eating accountability group Google+ page (now there’s a mouthful), minding my own business, when I saw a thread started by one of the ladies who was looking for recommendations for a vegetable spiralizer (sure that’s a word… well, it is now).  In a matter of minutes, there was an “I love mine!” and an echo back “I love mine too! It’s awesome!” … and after a few more of these responses, I was hooked — I cave easily to peer pressure — and popped onto Amazon to look at it.

And you know what, people on Amazon love it, too!  My mind made up, it was in my shopping cart and paid for before I even knew what was happening.  Whoosh!

I will say that I’m looking forward to making things like sweet potato slices and zucchini pasta and maybe even some dried apple slices!  Doesn’t that sound great?  I can’t wait.  I’m already making a list of the foods I need to buy so I can play with it this weekend.

So – do you own one of these babies?  What’s your favorite way to use it?

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