Accountability Sunday #5

This is Accountability Sunday where I look at the past week and how much work I did towards my goals and then set some goals for the coming week. Interested in joining me? You, too, can have some public accountability: just go to the accountability spreadsheet and put in your goals for the coming week. The goals can be fitness-related, health-related, work-related or anything else that you care to track. It’s not about competition, it’s just about putting your goals out there and then assessing how you did.

Okay – I’ll admit it right from the start – I missed last week’s Accountability Sunday. Go ahead, flog me, berate me, yell at me … just keep in mind that I cry easily. And your Mom wouldn’t like it if you made me cry.

And here are my excuses:


A gorgeous (too short part of a) day in Zion National Park. Unrelentingly uphill and uncompromisingly beautiful.


Fantastically fun family get together in Vegas — look at how well-behaved we all are!


A trail race in Indianapolis that made my sides hurt both from the race and all the laughing I did with my friends. Plus a snow globe for a medal. Can’t beat that.

A weekend ago I was gallivanting in the wild west. A family get together in Vegas was the perfect reason to head out a night early to spend a few quality hours in Zion National Park; I immediately fell in love with southern Utah and plan to move there as soon as I’m independently wealthy and can afford to retire from my job. Then, this past weekend I was in Indianapolis getting together with friends to celebrate and birthday with a quarter marathon on the Eagle Creek trails. We’re a masochistic bunch, what can I say? Even not being trained for the distance (or the terrain!), it was such fun and I’m glad I was there.

Because of my globe-trotting ways, I didn’t really have set goals this past week, instead, more of a just a vague idea of what I wanted to get done. And, with the exception of the race, I did a good job at completely ignoring those vague ideas. It was a rough work week and I felt pretty happy just to make it from Vegas through work to Indy in one mostly sane piece.

More on the race later. More on Zion later. Promise.

But for now, back to real life and getting things done the way I ought to.

Goals for this week

  • 14 total miles (6 mile long run). I’ll need a day or two of recovery from the trail run — my body is pretty sore. I’m tweaking the half marathon training a little; this is supposed to be a rest week, but I intend on doing a number of short runs to keep my legs going and then a moderate long run.
  • Two strength training sessions
  • Walk at least a mile every day (running counts for this)
  • Write 3 blog posts (aren’t you guys lucky!?)
  • Celebrate my birthday in style without going (too) overboard

I’ve had two absolutely fantastic weekends of hanging out and catching up with friends and family — I’m a homebody by nature, but it was so good to connect and see everyone. Reminds me of how incredibly blessed I am for all the wonderful people in my life!

What’s Making Me Happy This Week

Okay, here’s where I admit how incredibly lazy I am. Like, totally, without a doubt, undeniably lazy. I found potatoes that are washed and bagged, ready to pop into the microwave. Take them out, smash them up a bit, add some butter and garlic salt and VOILA! you have awesome smashed potatoes. So good, so easy! And yes, I realize that for substantially less money, I could buy potatoes, wash them and clean them and microwave them with the same outcome. But that wouldn’t be nearly as easy. Trust me on this.


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  1. I love the photos! Thank you for taking me your journey, now I REALLY know I want to see southern Utah. If this is your ‘off’ week, oh my. Amazing goals. Keep up the good work, I’ll be cheering you one from what is beginning to look like a sedentary life by comparison. xxoo

  2. Lazy? What on earth are you talking about? Your energy and pace come through in your writing, so I can only imagine you in person! Love the photos. It sounds like you had a great time, and I, too, look forward to more photos and tales of Zion.

  3. If that was a lazy week for you, I feel positively slothful! I would feel the same way about the easy-to-use potatoes, though I rather enjoy making mashed potatoes from scratch using a potato ricer. It makes the mash really smooth and delicious X

  4. Laura, your spreadsheet is awesome! I really like how you have a “what I’m loving section.” These potatoes sound perfect for lazy weeks!

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