Accountability Sunday #6

This is Accountability Sunday where I look at the past week and how much work I did towards my goals and then set some goals for the coming week. Interested in joining me? You, too, can have some public accountability: just go to the accountability spreadsheet and put in your goals for the coming week. The goals can be fitness-related, health-related, work-related or anything else that you care to track. It’s not about competition, it’s just about putting your goals out there and then assessing how you did.

2000px-MW-Icon-CheckMark.svgMy birthday week! It’s really been a load of fun — remember, you only turn 46 once, so might as well celebrate the heck out of it. And so I did — a birthday dinner, a birthday lunch and two birthday breakfasts, a birthday run and a birthday walk — does it get better than that?

In fact, it does: because March Madness is on the way, I switched my cable plan from basic to one that gives me all the sports. Dangerous, for sure, but fun to have all these channels back again. I promise that I’ll be careful not to overdo my screen time. No fair skipping out on a run or workout of some sort just to watch basketball. Or Friends. Or the weekend NCIS marathon (there are episodes that I haven’t seen yet!).

After the basketball tournament, I think I’m going to cut the cord, as the techie geeks say. Get rid of cable entirely. I can save so much money by just getting an antenna installed and then paying for certain things. Sling TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime and all the assorted OTA channels should be more than enough content to keep me going. And with the money I save, I can buy that house in southern Utah that I want.

So, how did I do this week, in between all of the birthday celebrating?

Goals from last week

  • 14 total miles (6 mile long run) — I got 13.59 total miles in, which includes some walking. My 6 mile long run turned into a 5.01 mile long run. Since this was a pseudo rest week, this is all good.
  • Two strength training sessions — only one, but the second would have fallen on my birthday, and we wouldn’t have wanted me to work that hard on my birthday, right?
  • Walk at least a mile every day (running counts for this) — done. BOOM.
  • Write 3 blog posts (aren’t you guys lucky!?) — this is #3! And I’m not sure what happened with my post On Feelings of Inadequacy and Shame, but it got more views than I’ve gotten for just about the rest of the entire blog forever. Like, 8 times more views than my next highest view count and that is awesome and weird at the same time. I’ve never had a big audience — and it’s also not something that I’ve ever worked at — but it’s definitely fun reaching more people. Thanks to all my loyal readers and welcome if you’re a new reader!
  • Celebrate my birthday in style without going (too) overboard — I think I accomplished this. Only one drink throughout it all and only one meal (salad and pizza) that I overate.

Goals for next week

  • 17 total miles (8 mile long run) — OOF.  This is going to be difficult. Going to take planning and — more importantly — sticking to the plan. And that 8 miles is going to hurt. Blarg. I’m not sure I’m ready for this half marathon training.
  • Two strength training sessions — no excuses.
  • Walk/run at least a mile every day — easy enough, right?
  • Write 2 blog posts — I promised you a race report and while you might not exactly be waiting with bated breath, I intend to deliver.
  • Include vegetables in at least two meals a day.
  • Track weight.

What’s making me happy this week

On my birthday, I went out to dinner with my family and roommate to an Italian place by me called Ottimo and it was DELICIOUS. Food that was a little more upscale, a wait staff that was very knowledgeable about the menu and wine list and the motto “Eat like a piggy” to make you feel utterly at home. I had Crusted Parmesan Scallops which were to die for (not literally … death would make enjoyment of the dish far less likely). If you’re in the area, I’d definitely recommend. And on Thursdays it’s $6 martinis!

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