Accountability SunMonDay #8

 This is Accountability Sunday where I look at the past week and how much work I did towards my goals and then set some goals for the coming week.


So, a bit of a rip in the blogosphere for me — my service provider renewed my domain name but then whispered “just kidding!” and I had no idea. Even though the invoice said $0.00, they didn’t really mean it. And so when yesterday rolled around, they cut me off saying that my domain name hadn’t been renewed. “LIARS!”, I thought uncharitably, remembering the invoice. But then I checked my credit card and no, there hadn’t been a charge. Between them and me, things got screwed up. I’m not particularly happy with them at the moment, but at least it was easy to fix and I’m back up and running. Of course, I probably lost millions of dollars in ad revenue, but hey, what’a a few mil’ between friends, right?

Goals from last week

  • 18 total miles and a 9 mile long run — funny!!  I spent Monday through Wednesday recovering from my 8 mile long run, Thursday and Friday with headaches and other hormonal ailments and had given up by the weekend.
  • Two strength training sessions — done — and my legs session? I’m still sore.
  • Track weight — up only 2 pounds … not bad for the week it was.
  • Post 3 blog posts — it would have been two had my site been up.
  • Read all of my overdue library books before I no longer have a home — I read over 1000 pages over the weekend. Two books that separately were heart-wrenching and together turned me into a sobbing puddle of emotions.

Goals for next week

  • 15 miles including the Chicago Quarter Marathon (a little anticlimactic, but yes, I’m not doing the half marathon next month… more on that later)
  • Two strength training sessions
  • Track weight
  • On good weather days when I don’t run or strength train, get outside for a walk

What’s making me happy this week

One of the books I read this weekend, “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes. It almost has a chick lit vibe to it, but it’s more than that; some of the issues that it delves into are complex and complicated with no easy answers. It’s like the review from the play Cats — “I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me”. I gobbled it down in a day and even though it left me in tears and ambivalent about the ending, I loved it.

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