Thanksgiving wins and losses

I meant to write this post last night, but the dogs were still so damn tired from Thanksgiving that they had climbed onto my lap and were fast asleep all evening.  I didn’t have the heart to push them off.  Plus I saved money because I was able to shut the furnace off — do you realize how much heat two 70 pound lap dogs can generate?

Anyway – Thanksgiving 2013 is in the books and there were some things I did well, other things I perhaps didn’t navigate as well as I would have liked to.  So, a rundown to wrap up the holiday with a neat little bow:

Thanksgiving Successes:

  • I avoided the rolls.  This was hard!  I love me some fresh bread, that’s for sure.  But everything else on the table was so delicious I (almost) didn’t notice.  Also – rolls are my kryptonite and once I have the first, there’s no end until the bread basket is empty.
  • Over half my plate was filled with turkey and broccoli.  A small portion of stuffing and a not-so-small-but-still-not-big helping of sweet potatoes (lovingly nestled in butter and marshmallows) completed my dinner. Still, most of what I ate was good for me.
  • No before or after dinner cocktails.
  • Only 3 glasses of wine with dinner.
  • No snacking throughout the rest of the day (aside from my standard quality testing when helping to carve the turkey… someone has to do it…).
  • I really slowed down while eating, and I was one of the last to finish. This took more focus than I thought it would.
Thanksgiving Gobbles:
  • I filled my plate with too much — even too much good stuff, to be honest.  I should have left a good chunk of food on my plate, but that felt rude.  My family is such a Clean Plate Club kind of family, ya know?  In order to make sure I didn’t eat too much bad stuff, I loaded up on turkey and broccoli, but I ended up with just too much food.  I ate to well past 80% full and felt about as stuffed as the turkey.  The small victory in this is that I usually eat much more and it’s usually the scales don’t tip in the favor of the healthy food.
  • A slice of pie for dessert … and then another slice of pie at dinner (the second meal of the day).  They were both really good, though, and I enjoyed them immensely.
  • 3 glasses of wine with dinner!  I should have stopped at one or two.
So, a bit of a mixed bag, but overall, I was better this year than I have been in past years and so that’s a win.  Like LE says, you don’t have to be perfect, just better than you were yesterday.

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