Sunday Funday: Week 20 Review

Between the Christmas music in every store and commercial, and the frigid weather outside, the holiday season is in full swing.  Along with that are the dinners out, the drinks with friends and the holiday goodies at every turn.  This is certainly a challenging time to stick to healthy eating, but if I can do it now, I can do it anytime, right? This week has been pretty good overall — tinkering with my eating habits has been fun. I’m a living, breathing science experiment with n=1, and it’s interesting enough to keep me focused on doing things the right way (for the time being… the Christmas treats haven’t been substantially tempting yet…).

Let’s review, shall we?

Weight is down as low as it’s been since I started Lean Eating.  YAY.  Even though I’ve been doing Intermittent Fasting this week, I was surprised because I’m also dealing with hormones which historically don’t play nice with the scale.  Measurements are the same, but hopefully they’ll nudge down next week.

The new set of workouts that were assigned two weeks ago are KILLER.  There are fewer exercises, but they’re harder and I’m pushing more weight. After the 30-40 minutes it takes me to complete them, I’m absolutely dripping with sweat. Which is all sorts of awesome.

Primal(ish) and Intermittent Fasting (IF) experiment:
Like I was saying the other day, the Primal experiment has definitely had a good dose of the “(ish)” in it.  The new Belgium waffle maker in the house has been a huge downfall (there always seems to be already-made waffle batter waiting in the fridge for me, too) and I’m just trying to contain the damage.  Other than that, though, I’ve been eating pretty clean and with an eye towards being Primal(ish).  IF has been going really well and has been quite an eye-opener for me. I’m naturally eating less and not having to think about having healthy snacks available is one less thing to worry about. I think IF has a good chance of becoming part of my lifestyle.

Still doing the “drink no calories” thing.  I’m ready for it to be over so I can taste the Vanilla Cinnamon Bailey’s that I bought on impulse today. I mean, how could that be bad, right?  

Habit Log:
Weeks 1-2: Fish oil and probiotic
Weeks 3-4: Eating slowly
Weeks 5-6: Stop eating at 80% full
Weeks 7-8: Lean protein with every meal
Weeks 9-10: 5 servings of vegetables a day
Weeks 11-12: Make smart carb choices
Weeks 13-14: Plan Meals

Weeks 15-16: Log all food

Weeks 17-18: Create a sleep ritual
Weeks 19-20: Drink only zero calorie beverages

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