Uh, Houston? We have a problem…

(WARNING!  Girly-talk ahead… proceed at your own risk!!…)

So, for the first time all week, I’m sitting here and am having a hard time getting my mind off the chocolate protein bar that’s in my desk drawer.  Or the Werther’s hard candy sitting in the jar at the end of my desk (don’t ask – I didn’t put it there!).  Or the various yummies that are calling me from the vending machine.

I think this is Laura vs. PMS… and PMS just might be winning…

No.  NO!  I will not let hormones win.  PMS will normally make me a little cranky, but moreover, the hunger and cravings that come along with it are usually like a siren’s call:  unable to be ignored.  In the past, I’ve usually just thought, “Oh well – nothing I can do about it” and proceeded to inhale everything in sight, including a good amount of chocolate/sweets/bad-for-you stuff that I wouldn’t normally even touch.

This week the PMS hasn’t been as bad as usual with the cravings and such.  Yes, I’ve been hungry, but being able to “blame” it on the No Sugar Challenge has made it easier, somehow.  In fact, perhaps I started today too overly confident about my luck in avoiding the dreaded sugar cravings…  and it’s come around to bite me in my water-retaining butt.

I’ve been good so far.  Kept my hand out of the candy jar, so to speak.  And the people that I’ve told about this are all like, “oh, just have something… a little bit won’t hurt… you deserve to splurge a bit…”.  But the fact of the matter is that I *don’t* feel like I deserve to splurge, or that a little bit o’ something just might steamroll into sliding back into old habits.

I’ve said it before:  I’m very black and white when it comes to habits – moderation and me don’t get along all that well.  Because a “little bit” always turns into “a little bit more” and then “well, I already cheated, so…”. And then WHOOSH! I’m back where I started.  Sad, but true.

Also, I kind of figure that if I’m only doing this for 30 days, then I should do it RIGHT for 30 days.  Which is why I’m still on the fence about Easter.  Using it as a cheat day seems like, well, cheating.  But then I rationalize:  perhaps not a “cheat” day, but rather an “exception” day.  It *is* a holiday, you know.  An out-of-the-ordinary event.  Nothing I’ll run into on a regular basis, and, really, what’s the harm?  Won’t I feel better if I indulge a little?

And that’s the $1,000,000 question:  will I feel better if I give in?

When I put it like that, it’s harder to rationalize eating sweets.  But, we’ll see how this plays out.

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