Just a few random notes because I’m a little pressed for time:

  1. This week we are now doing 3 sets of all the strength exercises.  I appreciate the extra work, but it’s starting to bore me a little.  I’m happy that the routine will be switched up in another 2 weeks.
  2. I was unable to resurrect my DVR box from the dead, but the interaction with AT&T to get a new one was surprisingly painless!  Got the new one in a day and it’s up and running with no issue. Of course, I lost all my recordings (boo!), but it kept all my settings so I don’t have to set all my programs back up again.  
  3. Awareness takes a lot of mental work.  Just saying.
  4. My back is feeling pretty dang good.  It’s sore and bruised, but not feeling fragile like it had been, if you know what I mean.  Did strength training today with no modifications and no pain!
  5. The dogs are at doggy day care and I’m selfishly leaving them there a little longer to get a few things done around the house without canine “assistance”.  Does that make me a bad doggie mom?
  6. I’ve had two (mostly) sugar-free days.  Recently I’ve been fiercely craving chocolate and all things sugary, so this is small victory for me.  Of course, sugar-free does not (yet) include giving up my morning Diet Pepsi.
  7. I’m surprised at how much of the Lean Eating program is mental and emotional work rather than just following a diet and exercise program.  In some ways this is easier (I’m still enjoying my Diet Pepsi!), but in other ways, it’s much harder.  I’m good at burying things and am thinking that there might be an exhumation somewhere along the way.

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